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Why Agents Join Us

Earn Residual Income

Broker Referral Rewards

Our success is your success through our income sharing program.

Premiere Property Group offers an ongoing referral bonus program for life and one that is even transferable to heirs. You will earn ten percent of all brokerage fees brought in by agents you refer to the company. You will even earn ten percent on the agents that those agents refer. These rewards for referrals and referrals of your referrals keep going up to four levels deep. You can do like many have and set a goal to invite a few agents from time-to-time as you go about your normal day-to-day business with the result eventually being your ability to offset your own brokerage fees so that you essentially work at PPG for free. Or you can set a goal as a few have and focus heavily on this and get to where you earn a six figure ongoing residual income for life. Invite as many brokers as you want! The choice is yours!

Here are a few other features of this generous program:

  • Paid out to you monthly, based on the commission paid into the company by referred agent the previous month.
  • You will be vested after five years with the company. This means that even if you leave the company, you will always receive this income and it is willable to your heirs.

Ask a Premiere Property Group team member for more information. We are dedicated to your success.

What Brokers
Are Saying

The referral program that Premiere Property Group offers has been an amazing supplement to my business and life! Going from a brokerage where the annual fees reached well into the tens-of-thousands per year to now not only being fully reimbursed for my $7,000 desk fee, but being paid thousands of dollars per month because I simply refer brokers to the company is amazing. It really goes to show what kind of character is behind a brokerage when they look beyond themselves and reciprocate when others help grow their company.

Blake Hupfer
Real Estate Broker

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